By Laws 2019-20



1. Members shall be prepared to show their member cards to their server upon arrival to the Club. Members not having their cards must be prepared to present PHOTO ID. Spouses (or equivalent) of members not accompanied by the member must be prepared to present their spousal membership card or PHOTO ID. In the absence of member cards a GUEST PASS will be issued. Payment for purchases must accompany such passes immediately.
2. Members may introduce guests to the Club but shall be responsible in all respects for the behaviour of their guests. Guests may pay for their own food and beverages by credit or debit card.


1. Members or spouses are required to present their membership cards and to SIGN receipts for all purchases and services. Members may charge to their account. Members can also pay right away with a credit or debit card. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FACULTY CLUB IS BECOMING A CASHLESS OPERATION.
2. Members will receive a statement each month throughout the year and are payable within a week of receipt. After 60 days, a monthly interest charge of 2% will be applied to any overdue accounts and further credit will be rescinded.
3. After 3 months of non-payment, his / her name will be posted until the bill is paid. Any member who is posted more than once will be required to give a deposit to the Club for a predetermined amount of money to cover future purchases. Members who are continually delinquent may be asked to resign. The Club reserves the right to set or remove a credit limit on a member's account. 
4. The Club reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of $45.00 on all NSF cheques.
5. No gratuity shall be given directly by members or their guests to anyone in the service of the Club. A gratuity is charged to all accounts for this purpose.


1.SPONSORSHIP: Members or their spouses may sponsor special events at the Club provided that they participate in the arrangements. They WILL receive loyalty points. The sponsor is responsible for all charges incurred in the event an organizer does not pay.
2. REFERRAL: Alternatively, member may "refer" someone to the Club for an event to avoid sponsorship, liability, but, will NOT receive loyalty points.
3. Reservations for special functions are subject to confirmation requirements and cancellation charges outlined in the Faculty Club's Booking Policies and Procedures Manual.


1. Members are not allowed in the Staff areas of the Club without management authorization.
2. Animals are not allowed in the Club, service animals excepted.
3. The Club is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or damaged, however caused, on the premises.
4. Any request or complaint pertaining to the Club and its operation must be conveyed in a signed letter or e-mail to the General Manager of the Club.
5. All food and beverages must be purchased from the Faculty Club. No food or beverage of any kind except for special occasion products approved by managementcan be brought into the Club. Because of health and safety standards, the Faculty Club does not allow any food prepared in its kitchen to leave the premises.


1. The Faculty Club reserves the right to control all functions held on the Club premises and to discontinue service of alcoholic beverages at any time. The Club reserves the right to ask members and / or guests to leave the Club at any time.
2. Attire at the Club is business casual.
3. The member will be responsible for any misuse, damage or losses sustained to the premises of the Club incurred as a result of the member's or his / her guests conduct. Children must not be left unattended at any time.
4. The Club does not permit affixing of anything on the walls, floors or ceilings of rooms with nails, staples, tape or any other substance, unless approval is given by the management. In the event of any damage caused by the aforementioned, the cost of repair and / or replacements will be billed to the member responsible.


While in the Club, please keep your phoneon VIBRATE and disable the RING function. Leave the room to make or take a call. Please keep your voice as low as possible.

Amended and ratified at the Board Meeting March 1, 2017.