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We invite you to join the Faculty Club. While you undoubtedly know the members of your Department and some members of related Departments, the Faculty Club is the place where you can meet colleagues from other disciplines. We think, and we know you'll agree, that such interaction is an important part of belonging to the University Community. We hope you will join us and become a member of the Club.

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Membership has its Privileges

  • Association of Colleges & Universities Clubs and International Associate Clubs is a collection of private clubs, resorts, golf & country clubs around the world also available to our members. (links may take a moment to load)

  • Network with today and tomorrows academic and industry leaders.

  • Join our year round club events; wine tasting clubs, speaker series, book clubs and other social activities.

  • Enjoy our vast collection of Canadian art and monthly art shows.

  • Invitations to Members only receptions.

  • Onsite etiquette & protocol consultant.

  • $500 line of credit.

  • 2% loyalty points on all food and beverages.

  • Exclusive access to the Members' Lounge.

  • Weekly email blast with the entire upcoming events.

  • Priority seating for reservations.

  • Special Member pricing on Talks, Events.

  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Discount on room rental for all family private events.

  • And so much more ……

Join the University Women's Club

Faculty Club membership allows you to join the University Women's Club of Toronto.  Why not enjoy the benefits of two very esteemed clubs?  The University Women's Club provides opportunities for the growth and advancement of women through the pursuit of intellectual, cultural and advocacy issues.  The charitable arm of the club provides scholarships for young women pursuing post secondary education.  Members participate in a variety of diverse interest groups and charitable activities.  Members also automatically join the Canadian Federation of University Women, a non-partisan organization of nearly 10,000 women in 100 clubs across Canada.
The first year fees for the Faculty Club are half price for new University Women's Club members. Graduate student memberships for the University Women's Club are $35.00
Learn more about us on our website and contact to inquire about membership.

We invite you to become a member of our prestigious Club!

Here is what our members have to say:

The Faculty Club is a business secret on campus. As a mentor to students and young alumni I always mention it's THE place to start a conversation, build a relationship or close a deal both in the pub and restaurant. I used it as a staff member in pursuit of support for the university and continue to do in my work and life. Business (clients, sales, networking) or pleasure (weddings, celebrations, keeping in touch) the club does the work to make you shine and help you succeed. There are so many events held by the club to help you, it was like business development training wheels! I also include that a big part of my professional success can all be traced back to Leanne's seminars on etiquette at my college when I was a student! Thanks Leanne and the faculty club for supporting alumni in our careers and lives!

Paul Nazareth


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