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A Letter from the President

Sept. 4th, 2020

Since the closure of the Faculty Club in mid-March as a result of the current pandemic, the Board of Directors has been keeping you informed about the prospects of reopening the Club, which we had initially assumed would be in September 2020. However, it has become apparent that opening the Club at this time with the necessary health and safety measures would not be financially feasible, especially given the extremely limited presence of our members on campus for the foreseeable future.

The Board is actively engaged in discussions with the University of Toronto in planning the future of the Club. We will keep you fully informed with further updates.


Leslie Shade
President, UTFC 

A Letter from the Board

July 13, 2020

Dear Members of the University of Toronto Faculty Club

In July 1960, the Province of Ontario issued a charter to create a non-profit corporation under the name of “The Faculty Club of the University of Toronto.” Over the past six decades, The Faculty Club has grown and diversified to become a major social centre for the University of Toronto community and one of the most successful clubs of its kind not only in Canada but also across North America. The official celebration of the Club’s 60th anniversary and the centennial of its building was originally scheduled for this month, but the current global health crisis has indefinitely postponed festive plans. We still look forward to celebrating this historic milestone with you in the not too distant future, and you will hear from us as circumstances allow us to proceed.

Meanwhile, you have been receiving regular correspondence from our General Manager, Leanne Pepper, bringing you up to date on the operational status of the Faculty Club. In brief, we have taken what Leanne accurately describes as the very difficult decision to keep the Club closed for July and August. The Club has been looking closely at the possibility of offering a take-out food service. But after surveying our membership, offering a number of options for their reaction, we reached the conclusion that this service is not logistically or financially feasible. We hope very much that we shall be able to reopen in some form in September, but of course that depends entirely on the business-opening rules set by the Province and the advice that we receive from the City’s public health authorities.

Leanne also explains in her recent message about the adjustment to membership dues that will flow from this decision to stay closed. In support of our members, we will not be invoicing for the months of July or August. Leanne reminds us that the Club works on very tight margins, so come September, your help in renewing dues promptly is critical to ensuring its future.

Once again let me express my and the Board’s thanks to you for your continuing support, and to our Management and Staff for their dedication to the challenging project of keeping the Club viable. May I wish you and your families a pleasant, relaxing, and healthy summer. Our hope is that we will be seeing you at the Club in what we all trust will be the not too distant future.




Leslie Shade






We are so thankful for all the donations we have received so far, each donation is one step closer to our goal!p

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Members are welcomed to donate to the University and earmark the donation to the Faculty Club in order to receive a tax receipt. Our Goal is to raise $35,00 to help offset the food inventory. We will be donating the remaining food in the freezer.p

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July 20th 2020, We turned 60!!! An oasis in the heart of the city ...


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