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  Dear Faculty Club Staff


We have hosted all three of our children's bar or bat mitzvah celebrations here at the University of Toronto Faculty Club, and each one was a stellar success. The venue is both elegant and welcoming, warmed by flames in the fireplace on a cold day late in autumn, and bright, sunny, and refreshing on a hot June evening.  We loved the layout of the ground floor for the way it accommodates guests of different ages and tastes; during the meal, we arranged for everyone to sit in the large back room, but later, when the party got louder and the kids cavorted to music, there were beautiful spaces with comfortable seats for those who preferred a quieter environment in which to relax, drink, and chat, yet not be completely separated from the action. The food has been amazing for each event; we lost count of the number of compliments our guests asked us to pass on to the chef. 
In fact what made the Faculty Club so exactly the right place for our family's special events was the staff itself, headed by Leanne Pepper.  We have worked with most of their employees by now and each time have been impressed with the calm, collected, and courteous service we receive. Struggling to change the seating plan to accommodate last-minute guests, the manager said to me, "Don't worry. We'll fix it." And they did, somehow. I neglected to arrange for table centre-pieces but Leanne at eleventh hour said 'Leave it to me," and sorted out perfect be-ribboned small pots of growing, aromatic herbs that worked as part of the havdallah service. It is that willingness to go the extra mile with good cheer and patience-- as well as creativity-- made our special days enjoyable not just for our guests, but for our whole family. 
 Simon and Leslie 
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